Consultancy + storage optimisation

Your pallet racking and shelving system should always be working for you. If you suspect you could be getting more from it, or it no longer suits the needs of your business we can help.

We will be with you every step of the way to take your warehouse operations via project management from beginning to end. This can include:

  • Moving or relocating a complete warehousing and manufacturing setup
  • Complete redesign and installation of new or existing pallet racking (including standard or selective pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and automated racking)
  • Workflow and cost minimisation proposals
  • Reducing or increasing storage footprint

Warehouse relocation + project management

Shifting warehouses can be a stressful time for the company and its employees.  From day one we will be evaluating your warehouse to understand what products are commonly used along with the way you work.  With this information we can carefully put a plan together which limits the impact of shifting products or spaces in one go.  We want you to still be operating as much as you can during the move.

Depending on your needs we can utilise your existing racking or work with you to fit out new racking. Every execution plan will be crafted uniquely to your business operation. Our business model is not based on selling you anything but our expertise, so our aim is to make the best use of your space, not to sell you unnecessary products.

Site plans + consent

Whether you need a plan of your existing pallet racking or shelving setup, a design for a new build or a new layout based on your existing, we can draw up a scaled site plan for you. There’s no rule here – we can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

All of our plans are done in accordance with AS4084, the Australasian Steel Storage Racking standard, as well as any local requirements.

We can also facilitate your reports and consents, including:

PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4
Slab report
Emergency Lighting Report
Fire report

In New Zealand, it’s important that all local government consents and seismic requirements are adhered to and we have the experience working directly in all areas of the country and directly in earthquake-affected areas.

Prices for site plans and consents vary by the complexity of the work required but rest assured that like all our prices, we will be upfront and keep it simple.


Looking after your racking is paramount as prolonging maintenance could severely affect your business.

We offer price discounts on annual or biannual audits for repeat customers providing your racking layout does not change.

We complete most of the report at the time of the inspection or audit, this means you get a full report with recommendations within 24 hours of our visit.  This allows us to maximise the time on site and makes us more efficient.

We will always fast track and prioritise any inspections if health and safety is a concern.

Audit/Inspection:  priced from $299 + GST

Above prices are based on 2hrs and include travel within Auckland.*

Any additional time required on site will be charged out at $70ph + GST. 

Any freezer work will need to be negotiated prior to an inspection or audit.

*Auckland covers from Walkworth to Pukekohe